Buying US Property…$CDN or $USD

One challenge you have to face up front is are you borrowing $CDN or $US?

Of course, it is easier to convince a bank with which you already have a relationship to lend you money for your project in the States. They will also find it easy to take a lien against your Canadian assets.

A few challenges come into play: One – the Canadian Bank may not want to give a lot of value to the asset you are acquiring in the US. Two – if the Canadian dollar stays the same, you are fine. And if the Canadian dollars drops in value (assuming this a revenue generating property) then you will be using $US to pay Canadian Peso (just a term…no slight intended) loan. That would be nice. However if commodities continue to drive the $CDN then you might find yourself short on the loan payments.

Some people choose to Borrow against the US Asset from a US Bank. Then you are paying dollars with dollars no matter which way the currencies swing.

Next time we will look at the borrowing process in the US.

US housing…now is the time

Timing is everything and I believe now is the time to invest in US property. Whether you choose to go after single family or Multifamily.

The processes in the US are streamlined, well defined and there is a ton of product on sale for cheap!

In thinking about this step consider… one of two things will happen, US recovers; Oh boy, now you look smart! With rent being paid in improving US $s!!! Or the US stays in a permanent recession. Ok, do people still need a place to live? Gotta house 300m people somewhere.

Upgraded Websites

Amazing work done on both the Duperron Group and Dean Duperron Websites! The Duperron Group provides information on who we are, then allows people to access our services… such as selling us Apartment Buildings in the $6m to $8m range in the USA, providing help to ten young people to building successful businesses, and renting apartments from our buildings.

Really proud of how well the sites represent us and the work done on them!

Angel Investing

Was at  VanTec. An Angel Forum where CEOs pitch for mentors and funding. They get 3 minutes or 20 minutes. Out of the 8 presenting, there were 2 worth a second look. Who knows?

Happy Canada Day!

What a Canada Day! Wonderful afternoon with the family, then 120,000 people at the parade and 400,000 watched the fireworks! Great job by BIF!!

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