Governor General of Canada

On Wednesday, as the President of Vancouver’s Canadian Club in cooperation with the Ismalie Council for Canada, I had the pleasure of hosting their Excellencies the Governor General of Canada and his wife to a luncheon on the last day of their visit to BC.

A couple of facts you may not know about His Excellency:

1) in his role as Governor General, His Excellency is not only the Queen’s representative to Canada but is the Commander in Chief of Our Armed Forces

2) his Excellency has served as President of two Universities in Canada

3) besides being a widely published writer His Excellency is the basis of the male lead in the book-turned-movie “Love Story” from the 1970s. (check it out on line…you know the Iconic line “Love is never having to say your sorry”)

With so many great accomplishments behind him, the Governor General is not resting on his success. In his speech (posted on-line) he has encouraged and challenged all of us to become engaged in what his has termed “Smart, Caring”.

It was a pleasure to share a table with His Excellency and his wife. To spend a couple hours sharing ideas with this amazing man. And have the opportunity to be engaged by his vision.