Do it With Flair!!

Whatever you do…do it with FLAIR!

So many times in life the next thing is just a job. It’s just assumed and approached with a disappointing air of indifference. Some one is coming in to rent an apartment. So what does the leasing agent do? Hands them a form. Oh, you have been referred by one of our residence, well that’s good. “So” the agent says “you don’t really need a tour, ’cause you already know what we look like?!? Right. And because you know our rules, no point in spending that much time on them. Ok, so you are ready to sign up, right? NO!”

What happened?

What happened was you took a 60% chance of a lease and turned it into 0% chance. Why? Because no show. Thats right… possible resident came in thinking good things but still expected a professional presentation and tour. A show!!

Oh by the way, when the leasing agent takes the potential resident on tour. You know, the build to the close through your properties chance to show off it’s benefits as you point out all the obvious and hidden gems of your place? A couple points to remember:

DO: Point out the easy access to swimming pools, laundry, exercise rooms AND nearby schools, hospitals and play grounds.

Don’t: Complain about the heat, state this too far a walk…

DO: Point out the size of the unit, neat layout, great view and how quite it is at night. Oh and make sure in summer the air conditioning or winter the heat is on before people walk in. Just saying…

Don’t: Walk in gripping about the temperature, then turn around say ” this is a one bedroom, there is the bathroom, over there the kitchen and that’s the bedroom”. Afterall most people have an idea what a kitchen is! But that they can see the kids playing outside from there, oh and the roses when they bloom over there…just gorgeous!

Quite simply everything in life stands out when done with FLAIR. Next time we’ll talk about maintenance…with Flair.

Meantime here is a Bartender…yes, just a guy pouring a drink. Oh, but he got 6,500,000 YouTube hits, because he did it with FLAIR.

(Titled: Worlds Best Bartender)