Life is a Series of Choices

A wiseman once said “Life is a series of choices, leaders prefer to make the choices, followers let others make the choices.”

Often people find themselves in situations, such as their careers, where others choose for them. Their first job is often a starting point chosen by the company. The second job is based on the current needs of the company, the opinion of your Boss and the convenience of promoting you. Several years later you find yourself in a career which you may or may not enjoy and may or may not be great at, purely by happenstance.

Interesting but sadly true for many people out there.

Clearly, there must be a better way. And there is…first make sure you decide what you like, AND what you are good at. Then decide what career best meets with your likes & skills. Next determine your strengths & weaknesses. Keep improving in both areas (afterall, no point in being mediocre in everything right!!) through education, mentors and reading.

Finally…review your goals every year to two years to be sure you are you are on track.

Follow this simple process and you will in for an amazing life!!!


The RIGHT Question

Today I had the privilege of being approached by a remarkable individual whom I have been mentoring for over a year.

This individual is intelligent, well educated, connected, charismatic and over the last year has gone from sleeping on friend’s coaches to finding her voice and driving a successful high-end business.

As part of her amazing journey she has now embarked on an even bigger challenge and is busy building her new business plans etc. In doing so she was polling me and many other leaders with a variety of question which were certainly wide ranging, if not unfocused.

After an two hours of her presentation and questions, I stopped her with a quote ” A wiseman once said…Search hard enough for the right question & the answer will not matter, as the solution will appear!”

She paused…blinked and smiled as she understood…