Nice guys Finish!!

We all know the sayings “Nice guys finish last” or “Only the strong survive” or ” A big part of winning is showing up”. Over time these have become truisms. Things that sound good and have been accepted by over 30% of the crowd so become known as fact.

Well in today’s world of blogging, ratings and surveys the visceral reaction of any client, resident or past employee can immediately impact on the next person’s view of you or your business. These rating are hard to remove or even add balance to.

So what is your choices? Well you can take the approach “damn the torpedoes I will say what I think, how I want to think, when I chose to say it”…after all it works for Dragons Den’s Kevin O’Leary, right? Well, if you are as successful as Mr. O’Leary or Donald Trump perhaps you can be that brash and bold. However, even these great men chose when to be brash. Did you know initially The Donald did not want to use the the famous catch phrase ” You’re FIRED” as he thought it to be to rough?

Your other choice is to remember in a world where 80% of the businesses fail in the first year with really the first 3 years being critical. And where a kindly reputation is more likely to be rewarded with a supportive nod or referral at a critical juncture…you know that thing called “Luck”.  Then maybe being a nice guy might just make all the difference…maybe being nice will mean that indeed you will make it to your finish line.

A wiseman once said “Being nice isn’t always easy but it’s twice as easy as being a jerk.”