Boating Vancouver – Duperron Navigates Another Successful Journey

Anyone who knows Dean Duperron can attest to the fact that he can chart a clear course toward his destination and always manages to attract the best crew along the way. Once again the Vancouver based Duperron Group has managed to demonstrate its propensity toward success as they announce the recent acquisition of  The Oaks at Cypress Station Apartment complex. This development is located at 1000 Cypress Station Drive in the Medical Centre of Houston Texas with hospitals and clinics located close at hand. The new Exxon Mobil campus will be opening nearby in 2015 bringing another 8,000 people to the area.  The Oaks is a gated community situated on 12 acres and has 41 buildings with 294 units; it is a mix of 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments.  Amenities include 3 swimming pools, a club house, an exercise facility and 3 laundry mats…not a bad acquisition on any day.

Boating Vancouver is always proud to note the accomplishment of local businesses, especially when at the helm of such ventures people like Dean are found. In addition to this recent accomplishment, Dean is well known for his contributions to higher education and philanthropic causes in Vancouver. Over the past 20 years the Duperron Group has generously donated $20,000,000 to various organizations. Dean is always quick to share credit for his success and in the case of this recent purchase credits Lance Edwards (of First Cornerstone Group) who negotiated the successful bid process amidst heavy competition.  The project was awarded on the basis of a quick due diligence process and certainty in closing.

Dean is a visionary if ever there was one. His vision for the Duperron Group is to “leave footprints in the sands of time, which positively affect our society.”…I dare say he has done that in spades.  His hard work, forethought and commitment to the community make him one of the great treasures of the Vancouver business world and as such Boating Vancouver is proud to salute this recent accomplishment.

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