Community…be apart of it or from it

So often the chance presents itself to be a part of our Community. We then make a choice. Either to engage on some level, to participate or stand away from our community either as a person or a business.

If you chose to stand apart and disengage it will perhaps cost you “a little less money today or “a little less effort today or “a little less time today… and with everything happening in our lives who could not use MORE…money, or time?

However, note I said it cost you “a little less”, no one expects you to give beyond your abilities. So your gift of time or energy or money should always be in proportion with who you are and what you have. It will make your community a better place. It will expand your world of contacts, friends and possibilities. This growth in you as person will provide the experiences that will enable you to play on a bigger stage personally and professionally. And all it cost you is “a little…”

On the other hand should you decide to save the “a little…” today it will not only cost you the satisfaction of helping (which believe me is a wonderful feeling), but it will cost you community…the community will have no idea who you are, worst if the community knows who you are, they will realize you simply do not care…and if you do not care about your community, then your community will not care about you. Some day you will find that to cost you significantly!

I am reminded of a quote “Except for one insignificant exception the world is made of others.”

Guess I feeling “a little engaged” today..a group friends came over to the house on the weekend and raised a good chunk of $100,000 for some community causes…made me proud!

God bless…

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