Steve Jobs

I just finished reading Steve Jobs biography written with the support of of Jobs and his family. It included interviews with other amazing Titans such as Bill Gates, Al Gore and others…

Some might categorize the book as critical of Jobs, others might use it as a platform to question his accomplishments.

For me, it told a story of a challenged individual who through focus, determination and force of will transformed multiple industries. From computers to animated films to on-line music he has left a legacy. It contains lessons, challenges and some emotions as it, like a great music, tells the story of our lives.

I would recommend this read for any one who hopes to be a leader. Who wishes to change a the world in one way or anouther. In fact, if you aspire in business this is a must read along with The Art of War (Sun Tzu) or the The Prince (Machevellia)…enjoy.

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